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Toboe and the First "Wolf's Rain" Manga 
27th-Nov-2004 01:44 am

Did anyone else get the first Wolf's Rain manga yet?? ^-^ It's awesome!


Toboe was such a cutie (as always) in the first manga. I happen to think his wolf form is cuter (as in, "cuddly bunny cute," to avoid confusion) in the manga than in the anime. His human form is basically the same- still cute!! (as in, "preteen dreamboat cute," to make the distinction).

Anyway... I happened to notice- Leera makes only a brief appearance (when she gives Toboe the sausages). Toboe never meets her in his human form... but, later on, he does meet another human girl. Her name is Tia, and she's an orphan with a "sacred flower" (we don't know if it's a lunar flower or not). She couldn't come with him, of course, but when they separated and went on their journeys, Toboe took comfort in knowing they would meet again in Paradise. ^^ Aww!!

Sorry- I had to share that. ^_^ Any thoughts? Comments?


If you haven't bought the first manga yet, go buy it!! You won't be disappointed! ~_^

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10th-Dec-2004 04:22 am (UTC)
If they don't have it at your local bookstore, just ask them if they can order it for you. You'll have to give them your name and phone number, but when your order comes in they'll call you. Plus, if you can't get there right away, they can hold onto it for up to a month. :)

Keep in mind that the above scenario just happens to be from my local Barnes and Noble. Different stores may have different methods, but usually they can order whatever book(s) you're looking for and call you when it comes in.

It's relatively cheap- $10 in the US. This is only the first one- the second WR manga is due to arrive in the US in January. ^^ I can't wait!
14th-Apr-2005 11:59 pm (UTC)
I bought volumes 1 and 2 of the manga and I love it. Toboe is so freakin' adorable. I regretably don't have cable so I don't watch the anime. =( But I love manga Toboe. ^^
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