hewo *waves paw*

hewo everyone.
how are we all.
I understand this has...slightly died, but. we all can bring it back....am i right. I think im right, even Toboe agrees with me ! *nods head* anyway...PLEASE. bring in whatever you want. oh, and im just taking over for a bit...so everybody.*waggles tail* lets get going!
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I just joined this community. I absolutely adore Toboe. Unfortunately without cable I haven't seen much of the anime, but I do own the manga and I love it. ^^ I suggest anyone who doesn't own it go out and buy it.

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loves stare

i am new

hi i am knew to this place. i am a fan of wolf rain and only goten to see a few of the shows sadly to say. so in short i was shocked to see that there where wolf rain communs on LJ. but on to other thing. i am happy to be a member and i hope to get along with many of yall. and if yall need any help in anything just ask


Hey there! ^_^

Hm, it looks like I'm the first one to the board. :) Hehehe...

Anyway, if anyone's curious, it's a place to celebrate your love for Toboe- that cute lil wolf from "Wolf's Rain".

Now, come on- look at this face! (points to icon) How can you NOT love a face like that?? He's so adorably innocent!! ^^

... Erm, anyway... surely, someone else would like to comment, or have something better to say than I do! Come on, folks! Spread the love!!

Yours truly,

Sabertooth Kitty =^-^=
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